GS1 takes your products easily to the shop shelves

The retail trade wouldn’t work without bar codes that help monitor the sales of products and inventories as well as track supply chains. A bar code on the side of a product indicates that it is part of a global standardising system developed by GS1 that creates the preconditions for efficient supply chains. Read how you can participate in this magnificent ecosystem!

As the consumers’ values change, the products of local producers are sought after. This means there is demand, but accessing shop selections requires that the supplier becomes part of the trade’s highly automated order and supply chain. GS1 solutions take small-scale producers to the same starting point as large actors.

GS1 solutions create efficiency and cost savings


GS1 company prefixes open the doors to national and global systems

The GS1 system helps suppliers individualise their products with bar codes, which means their products can also be sold in the selections of large retail chains. A precondition for creating bar codes is acquiring a GS1 company prefix.

Once a supplier has a company prefix, it can individualise their products with GTIN identifiers and create the SSCC codes necessary for transport pallets and wholesale packages.

GS1 is the standardising solution most extensively used in the world, and it was originally developed for the needs of the retail trade.

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Synkka—all product information in one trade industry system

Synkka is a cost-efficient solution for transmitting product information. More than 700 Finnish suppliers and recipients use this service, including Kesko, SOK and Tuko as well as many actors in the Horeca industry. 

Synkka decreases the amount of manual labour as all largest retail chains can collect the product information from one service. 

Synkka is a reliable friend of all companies needing product information, as Synkka helps manage high-quality and up-to-date information.

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Golli—products of small and medium-sized suppliers on shop shelves cost-efficiently

Golli is a service designed especially for the needs of retail and daily goods suppliers. With Golla, you can handle shipments digitally in their entirety.

The service is compatible with the highly automated order-shipment processes of large retail chains, which also ensures small-scale suppliers’ products’ access to the selections of large stores. The service creates pallet markings and the delivery notifications required by the trade automatically, which reduces the amount of paper work and human errors.

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