GS1 Finland’s solution partners

GS1 Finland’s most important task is to make its customer companies’ business processes more efficient with the provided solutions and services. GS1 Finland also closely co-operates with different industry organisations to provide an overall customer experience and the right tools for its customers. Whether its the GS1 system or Synkka services, selecting just the right partner is essential.

GS1 system’s partners

Through the GS1 Partner Network, companies looking for solutions for making their processes more efficient can find companies offering suitable services or products for this purpose. The objective is to serve GS1 member companies even better.

For GS1 Partners, the network offers an unbiased channel for presenting products and services and an opportunity to make use of the latest GS1 standards in their solutions.

The GS1 system also makes use of more than 1.4 million companies worldwide. In addition, the GS1 company prefix is included every day in the recording and transmitting of more than 6 billion trade transactions

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Synkka partners

GS1 and the Synkka service trust in their Partner Network that realises tested and certified solutions for supporting our customers’ successful product information management. We can expand our competence and offer more value for our customers through the Partner Network.

GS1 and its partners, such as providers of corporate software, data collection companies, system integrators and providers of product information management, co-operate in providing software and solutions for product information management. These partners make it easier to publish information and search for data in the Synkka service.

The purpose of the Partner Network is to ensure that the product information management process is created professionally for customers. Co-operation creates genuine value for customers and for its part ensures that the customer’s product information management serves business needs efficiently and safely. The Partner Network programme produces competence, earning opportunities and offers safe and efficient user experiences for all customers – all the way from small entrepreneurs to large organisations.

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GS1 partner organisations

GS1 Finland co-operates with several different industry organisations. For instance, different working groups co-operate with organisations, and their purpose is to promote the co-operation of the different value chains in industries and to develop and maintain the standards of each industry. You can get to know the organisations with which GS1 Finland co-operates through the below link. The page also briefly describes what kind of co-operation we do with these organisations.

Tutustu GS1:n yhteistyöjärjestöihin

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