Golli-palvelun käyttöönotto

Hello, new Golli customer!

After signing a Golli contract, you will have access to an affordable online service that is easy to use. With Golli, it’s easy to manage your order-supply chain efficiently. This website includes matters related to the implementation of the service.

The interface used in an Internet browser is the most common way of using the Golli service. You can receive and process orders from retail chains in the interface and send related electronic delivery notifications. In addition to the browser interface, you can create an integration into the service. In the integration, the customer is responsible for the costs of constructing the interface between Golli and their own system.GS1 Finland’s customer service will give you support in all phases of the implementation.

Before using the service

  • From which of your customers can you receive orders in Golli? Who should you notify of starting to use Golli?
  • Which mode of delivery do you use for transporting your products: do you ship them to the warehouse, to the terminal or directly to shops? Processing the order and the container address labels, for instance, are a little different depending on the mode of delivery.
  • Before the first order, it’s good to take some time to get to know the system and a few preparatory tasks (for instance, establishing the products in Golli).
  • Think how many people in your company will use Golli. Does your company have different users: processers, collectors, senders of orders? Do they need implementation training?
  • Make sure that you have a suitable printer available.

Service implementation

Once you have become our customer, we will deliver your login credentials to the service and you can gain access to the service. We offer a separate Customer support website from where you can find Golli instructions in their entirety. Our customer service will instruct you every step of the way.

In connection with the implementation, make sure with your customer that they can transfer the orders to Golli. Notify the arrival time of the first order to our customer service. We will agree upon the necessary implementation support together. Make sure before receiving the first order that the label printer has been installed correctly and the printing works. You can test the printing in test prints found from the bottom of the Golli login website ( www.golli.fi).

In addition to the Golli service, GS1 Finland offers supplementary services to support your business. We also provide the Synkka service for transmitting your product information and images. Synkka enables the completely electronic transfer of product information and images directly to stores and consumers.

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