This website is for suppliers that are customers of our services. This site has information on how to best implement our services to promote your business.

GS1 company prefix

GS1 Finland provides you with the numbers for bar codes so your products will reach shop shelves. If you don’t yet know what GS1 is or what bar codes are, we will get you started. We’ll tell you what you need to do to get bar codes for your products, wholesale packages or pallets.

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Synkka service

The Synkka service is a solution for transmitting product information and digital material from suppliers to retail chains and other recipients of product information. You can issue and maintain the data in the Synkka service yourself or in connection with our solution partners.

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Golli service

The Golli service provides a retail and utensil supplier an affordable and useful alternative for processing orders and shipping them. A small or a medium-sized company can use a cloud service through a web browser and easily adapt to the order and supply chain of retail chains. Golli is easy to implement—all you need is a GS1 company prefix, Internet connection, computer or a mobile device and a label printer.

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