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The GS1 company prefix opens the doors into a global system with which you can create bar codes and other identifiers, no matter what your industry is. This guarantees that your products will enter shop shelves, whether they are food products, utensils, hardware or medical equipment. Company prefixes are also needed for creating SSCC codes for transport pallets and wholesale packages.

With the GS1 company prefix, you can:

  • identify your products with GTIN codes and create from them bar codes for your products
  • create SSCC codes for your pallets
  • create other identifiers for your products

Joining is easy!

You can order a company prefix from our website and we will deliver it to you within three working days. You can also order the company prefix through this printable form. After this, you can start using the codes.

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After joining, we will help you to implement the identifier, if necessary. To make the implementation as easy as possible, we have created a short information package for new customers.

How to start using the company prefix