A selection of standards created by GS1 are found behind a modern logistics chain, making the processes cost-efficient and transparent.

Shipment processing made more agile

When the suppliers sends shipments to stores, wholesalers, restaurants or hospitals, each shipment must be received, verified, recorded, stored and possibly processed further for the next shipment. The GS1 system makes the processes more efficient and reduces possible human errors.

Optimised transport

Transport must be carried out with the smallest possible costs, making use of the best suitable modes of transport or their combinations. At the same time, the supplier and the transport company must be able to share information about the transport capacity as efficiently as possible. GS1 solutions make efficient sharing of information between different actors easier.

Seamless inventory management

Inventory management has a significant impact on a company’s overall efficiency. Processes must also be seamlessly compatible with the rest of the order-supply chain. GS1 solutions make communicating in the complex inventory management network efficient and transparent.

Transport platforms recycled in a coordinated manner

Transport platforms—roller cages, plastic boxes and pallets—required in the supply chain should be recycled efficiently between different actors. As monitoring transport often focuses on the load itself, transport platforms might end up in wrong places and uses. This causes challenges in the management of the stream of goods and may lead to delays and additional logistics costs. The GS1 system not only identifies each individual transport platform but also helps in tracking them. This will ensure that you have the right number of platforms in the right place at the right time.

Efficiently at the Customs

Moving streams of good across internal borders often presents challenges and red tape related to customs operations. GS1’s standard system offers a way to identify products and exchange information related to customs operations quickly and efficiently across borders. GS1 signed a long-term partnership agreement with the World Customs Organization (WCO) in 2005. The purpose of the agreement is to promote international customs operations and transport of goods in global trade.