Communication is easy and efficient when everyone understands each other. Standards developed by GS1 define the ways of individualising, identifying and transferring information between different actors. Extensitve digitisation and automation of processes save everyone’s time, money and effort. When we take care of the harmonisation of processes, our customers can focus on their core business.

GS1 is seen and heard everywhere – every single day

GS1 Finland is part of the global GS1 organisation that is strongly present in your everyday life, too: the familiar beep of the universally known GS1 bar code can be heard on shop counters more than five billion times every day around the world. The bar code standard was initially developed to expedite cashier operations but it has since expanded to a comprehensive, global language of business.

Common standards turn small into large

In a common standard, all start from the same spot: small companies can use the same systems as the giants in the field. For instance for retail suppliers, becoming a GS1 customer opens up an opportunity to bring their products to the shelves of retail chains and in international distribution. In Finland, GS1 has approximately 8,000 customers, including the largest retail chains.

We work so you can offer your customers security and reliability

When you can genuinely individualise products and monitor their journey seamlessly from step to step, supply chains become transparent throughout the process. Thanks to GS1 standards, the origin of food products is traceable as is their entire journey from the farm to the dinner table, for instance.

Many industries, one efficient product language

The GS1 standards developed for trade have expanded into many other fields. For instance, in health care, standards help improve patient safety and ensure authenticity of medicine. In transport, GS1 standards present an opportunity for real-time monitoring, traceability and optimisation of supply chains of shipments.

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