Synkka Integration Newsletters

  • Synkka Integrations Newsletter, January 2017
    (Synkka datapool’s schema package has been updated, Catalogue Item Hierarchical Withdrawal, Request for Catalogue Item Notification message, GDSN 3.1 Synkka Operations Manual, Data Recipient information, Does your items have RFID-tags? The way to specify this information is different in 3.1 message standard, Remember to update your Synkka data pool integration to 3.1 version)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, November 2016
    (Development of the GDSN standard, Synkka has been upgraded to GDSN version 3.1.2, GPC deployment, New Item Information Profile document, A new value has been added to the Country Code list)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, October 2016
    (GDSN Maintenance Release 3.1.2. in November, GPC deployment, Deleted code list values, Remember to update your Synkka data pool integration to 3.1 version)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, August 2016
    (Outbound and inbound messages in Synkka, Last processing, New item information profile document)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, May 2016
    (Synkka Product is available again, Documentation has been updated, Logic for LastChangeDateTime has changed, Recommendation to add Finnish time zone to date information, Discontinuing and cancelling an item, Notices related to the 2.8 CIN, Change in Synkka pre-production URL)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, April 2016 (second)
    (Current status with the project, Documentation has been updated, Remember to update your connectivity configurations, Upcoming system down time)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, April 2016
    (Project status, Testing environment, Steps for integration testing, Saphety Box in testing)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, March 2016
    (Synkka Product system update testing status)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, February 2016
    (Downtime in Synkka Product pre-production environment, Do not create over 100 subscriptions using one CIS message, Reminder: recipients should not create subscriptions where the target market is the only subscribing criteria)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, December 2015
    (Saphety AS2 digital certificate will expire on the 16th of December, Contact information update)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, November 2015
    (Synkka Product system update, Subscribing item information in Synkka Product data pool)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, October 2015
    (Email addresses for GS1 Finland have changed, Presentation from last week’s GDSN Major Release webinar is available)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, September 2015
    (Synkka Data Pool was updated, Unable to delete trading partner, How to send subscriptions to global registry automatically, Advanced search in inbound and outbound list)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, May 2015
    (Flash Point Temperature F7094 & UOM F7291 are not tranfered in CIN to the recipients)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, March 2015
    (Synkka Product data pool is implemented, Identified bugs in Synkka Product, Hierarchies missing base units, Synkka outbound may back up occasionally, We are preparing instructions on establishing half and quarter pallets, Item updates must be published for all hierarchies, Synkka Product must contain measurement data for GTIN-codeless pallets, We have disabled five validation rules, Do not subscribe the whole Target Market Finland!, Any other business)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, February 2015
    (Downtime in Sinfos and Synkka Product, Identified bugs, Migration bugs Summary, Four validation rules deactivated, Product changes must be published for all hierarchies, Identifying half size and quarter size pallets in Synkka Product, Version 6.0 of the Finnish Item information profile is published, Action steps in fault situations, The point of no return to WS1 Sinfos in on Friday 20 February)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, January 2015
  • (re-test the integration connectivity, the attribute F7246 is erroneously located in the CIN, receiving the whole target market Finland takes several days, delta files have been loaded into the pre-production environment, migration bugs summary, New functionalities in Synkka Product: Item versioning and Information request)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter no. 2, December 2014
    (Synkka returns whole trade item hierachies as a response, trade item unit descriptor Display Shipper should be given to assortments, don’t subscribe the whole Target Market Finland)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter no. 1, December 2014
    (version 5.2. of the Finnish trade item profile has been published, Synkka may include attributes that are not part of the Finnish trade item profile, migration bugs status update, re-test connectivity against Synkka production environment in the end of January, information request functionality is being developed,
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, November 2014
    (integration testing, new items with the action commands ”Correct” or ”Change by Refresh”, migration bugs, user guide, old delete versions will be removed from the Sinfos)
  • Synkka Integration Newsletter, September 2014
    (integration testing, documentation updates, data migration to the pre-production and production environments, implementation schedule, user interface implementation, connectivitys tests)