What will I benefit from the membership of the Partner Network?

As a member of the Partner Network, you will receive valuable first-hand information of the development and application of the GS1 system in your products and services. Every week, our customer service receives inquiries about different problems and needs of companies. You can find a solution for these through the Partner Network. The Partner Network increases your company’s visibility through GS1 Finland that is part of the global GS1 organisation. The Parter Network is an essential part of the service offering of GS1 Finland. GS1 Finland recommends its customers to turn to its reliable and successful Partner companies when looking for ways to make its supply chains more efficient.

The Partner Network is meant for companies who offer products or services for the needs of companies making use of the GS1 system.

 We are looking for partners from the following industries:

  • AIDC providers (bar codes & RFID)
  • IT service providers
  • Logistics operators
  • Equipment and automation providers
  • Weight and packaging providers
  • Consultants
  • Seminar organisers

How can I join the Partner Network?

Becoming a member of the Partner Network requires a basic membership of GS1 Finland. This entitles the use of all global GS1 standards and participation in the events organised by GS1 Global, among other things. GS1 Finland’s Partner Network has only one kind of partner that is in an equal position when it comes to their size. In addition to the GS1 membership fee, no other fees will be collected from the Partners. Membership fees are defined according to the company’s turnover and you can see them from the GS1 company prefix price list website.

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