The method of indicating the radio frequency identification (RFID) in the product information bank has changed

Earlier the data field F7182 RFID tag was used to indicate whether the product had an RFID tag. The possible values were ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER.

In the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) standard, the explanation and meaning of the RFID support have changed. The meaning of the attribute has been expanded to cover a given product’s occurrences in all the carriers. The Finnish-language name of the F7182 data field has been changed to correspond to the English-language name, Data Carrier Presence Code.

The data fields F7182, Frequency of occurrence of the carrier, and F7047, Bar code type, are now linked together. For instance, is a product sometimes has an RFID tag, this is indicated as follows:

  • F7182 Frequency of occurrence of the carrier = SOMETIMES
  • F7047 Bar code type = RFID_EPC_TAG

The change also applies to all other bar code types. In addition to bar code type, it is possible to also indicate the frequency of occurrence of the code in question. Frequency of occurrence is optional information, and it is still possible to give products only the bar code type. Products that are now maintained only as Bar code type F7047 do not need to be updated.

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