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GS1 Finland is here to provide you with the barcodes you need to get your products on shelves. If you are new to GS1 and barcoding, you can use this page and further links as a quick orientation guide that explains the exact steps you need to follow to get barcodes for your products, cases and logistic units.


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What do you need to barcode a product for retail in Finland?

  • A unique barcode number called GTIN (formerly known as EAN-code)
  • A barcode symbol

Barcode numbers are created by brand owners for their products using a GS1-issued company prefix. Company prefixes issues by GS1 Finland always start with number 64. It is from this company prefix that barcode numbers are allocated to products, outer cases and other purposes. Once you have a complete barcode number you can generate the matching barcode symbol. If you only need a barcode for one product, you can order a single barcode.

What will you need to join GS1 for creating several barcodes?

1. Become a customer

GS1 is a membership organisation. To get your GS1 company prefix, you need to be a customer. This requires payment of a once-off registration fee.

2. Uphold your company prefix licence

A GS1 company prefix guarantees you an exclusive range of numbers, which you can use to create unique barcode number. This is granted by an annually renewable licence. There are different licences depending upon the size of your product range, now and into the future.

Which size lisence is right for you?


A 9-digit company prefix – This is the most common company prefix that enables you to make up to 1000 GTIN barcode numbers for products and outer cases or 100 million SSCC-codes for pallets.

A 7-digit company prefix – This company prefix enables you to make up to 100 000 GTIN barcode numbers for products and outer cases or 100 billion SSCC-codes for pallets.

Variable GCP - This GS1 company prefix for you if you have items with variable measures (meat, fruit, vegetables etc.)

View registration and licence costs.

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What will you need to complete your GS1 registration?

A number of pieces of information are required to complete customer registration. We recommend you have this information to hand before you start in order to make the application process as quick and as straight forward as possible.

  • Company information (name and address)
  • Registration company number / VAT number (Y-tunnus)
  • Latest audited turnover figure (or first year's projected turnover if a new start-up business)
  • Line of business according to the Finnish TOL-industrial classification
  • Invoicing address / Address for e-invoicing
  • Contact details for primary licence contact and accounts person (name, tel, email)
  • Personal online banking details in order to complete a digital signature

Becoming a customer

Registration is completed online on this website at Become a customer.

Fee payment

Fees for GS1 registration and for barcode licences are based on turnover.


The first year’s licence & registration fee can be paid by invoice.

Invoicing address

Invoicing details must be given to facilitate the annual renewal of barcode licences. This is a mandatory part of registration and the invoicing details are completed online during the application process.

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What happens after I register?

Once we receive your completed online registration we will process your application and issue you with your own unique prefix by email. After that you can start allocating unique numbers for barcodes. You can find more information on how to allocate and manage numbers and create barcodes in the Standards and Support pages.  

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