Brewery giant tells stories with their product information

Barcodes serve many purposes in Sinebrychoff’s product communications. They help transmit up-to-date product and availability information to stores, and codes are even used for creatively activating consumers. All Sinebrychoff products are marked with GTIN codes, and product information is transmitted to customers through GS1 Synkka.

GS1 solutions are strongly present in the everyday work of Sinebrychoff: “Products have to be identifiable and traceable, and we must be able to link detailed product information with the products. Using GS1 solutions is the only sensible option for us,” says Pekka Tiainen, CEO at Sinebrychoff.

Product information about Sinebrychoff’s selection is transmitted to customers through Synkka. All Sinebrychoff’s largest customers use this solution.

“With Synkka, it’s simple to process product information: we have clear requirements on what, when and in which format the information has to be delivered,” describes Tiainen. “The service allows us to communicate to our customers, for instance, the start date of a product’s distribution or seasonal availability.”

Added value from product information


Sinebrychoff uses product information creatively also for activating consumers and interacting with different target groups. In the application, only the imagination is the limit. 

“We are planning to introduce packaging to the market that will be printed with codes that consumers can read and participate in competitions or find recipes related to the product, among other things,” says Tiainen.

A code that can be read on the side of the packaging can also provide more extensive product information for people with special diets, for instance.

Visuality supports storytelling

Sinebrychoff is also about to start using Synkka’s new image bank feature that Tiainen warmly welcomes.

“Synkka’s image bank feature will make it simpler for us to deliver product images to customers,” says Tiainen. “Synkka is the only available image bank that can seamlessly combine product information and images.”

Tiainen sees plenty of opportunities in using images. He is especially waiting for the introduction of moving image to Synkka as visual storytelling is strongly increasing in marketing all the time.

“Videos could be attached to product information to tell about the product’s history or tell our recommendations of how the product can be used creatively,” says Tiainen. 

“Images can help refine the product information into a more visual format, which is extremely important. Also some of the sales of grocery stores will inevitably transfer online, and products must also be presented online in an interesting and identifiable manner.”

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