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S Group, the largest grocery trade retail chain in Finland, is a large-scale consumer of GS1 services. The retail chain has approximately half a million sales articles in its selection. Of all the products, 99.9% have GS1 codes. Also Synkka and Golli play important parts in S Group’s logistics chain.

“Our entire supply chain is based on GS1 standards. They play a key role in the efficiency and functionality of the entire chain,” summarises Jari Simolin, Vice President at SOK.

Synkka includes the information of 25,000 products

When product volumes in shipments are massive, information management plays a key role in ensuring a smooth supply chain. High-quality product information has also been identified as the basis of competitiveness in the retail chain’s strategy.

The chain sources its products from more than a hundred countries of origin, and it has several different models for managing product information. From Synkka, SOK finds the information of approximately 25,000 Finnish products.

“We use Synkka to collect the information about the products of the largest Finnish suppliers. They form a very significant part of our sales volume,” says Simolin.

SOK is also about to implement Synkka’s image bank feature where product images are combined with GTIN codes to other item information.

“The significance of images will only increase as online sales continue to increase: You can’t sell anything online without an image,” says Simolin. 

Fully automatic inventory and warehouse management

SOK’s state-of-the-art fully automatic warehouse takes the significance of high-quality product information to yet another level. The efficiency of warehouse operations depends completely on the validity of the product and item shipment information.

“The principle of cooperatives is to operate so efficiently that the cooperative can provide the consumers the best benefit in the form of affordable prices. In order to achieve this, the background processes must be extremely fit. The machines won’t keep crunching numbers and information if the data is not in order,” says Simolin.

“Erroneous data affects everything: a gluten-free marking may be added to bottles of mineral water and cheese may be shelved the wrong way around,” he explains.

Golli creates cost-efficiency and transparency

Golli was designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized suppliers, and it has increased SOK’s cost-efficiency in its co-operation with small actors.

“The information of a shipment within the Golli service is delivered to us as an EDI delivery notification. The shipment is automatically passed on based on the received data. Golli speeds up receiving shipments significantly and increases transparency in the supply chain,” says Simolin. 

“Trade digitalisation will continue and expand, and in that world, GS1’s global services will matter even more,” Simolin sums up. 

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