Solutions innovated by GS1 make the world go round on many levels. Barcodes and other digital identifiers enable quick transport and individualisation of goods. Ensuring smooth transfer of information from one actor to another also enables highly automated logistics chains and increases both the profitability and transparency of operations.

For suppliers


GS1 services make the trade world go round

The retail trade wouldn’t work without bar codes that help monitor the sales of products and inventories as well as track supply chains. A bar code on the side of a product indicates that it is part of a global standardising system developed by GS1 that creates the preconditions for efficient supply chains. Read how you can participate in this magnificent ecosystem!

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For retailers

Retail ikoni

Clear order-shipment processes, transparent inventory management

High-quality processes and consistent transmitted data are absolute preconditions for efficient trade supply chains. As the trade is digitised, the significance of GS1 standards has only grown as the creator of trade competitiveness. GS1 helps retail chains achieve significant cost savings through GS1 solutions.

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Transport and logistics 

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Transparent logistics

Agile shipment processing. Seamless inventory management. Optimised transport. Easy crossing of internal borders. Transport platforms in the right place at the right time. A selection of standards created by GS1 are found behind a modern logistics chain, making the processes cost-efficient and transparent.

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For healthcare

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Patient safety and traceability for nursing

In healthcare, the GS1 standards increase patient safety, improve transparency in supply chains and facilitate the traceability of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. These help in marking and identifying pharmaceuticals, equipment, patients and service providers of health care and hospital beds.

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