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After signing a Golli contract, you will have access to an affordable online service that is easy to use. With Golli, it’s easy to manage your order-supply chain efficiently. This website includes matters related to the implementation of the service.

Become a customer

The interface used in an Internet browser is the most common way of using the Golli service. You can receive and process orders from retail chains in the interface and send related electronic delivery notifications. In addition to the browser interface, you can create an integration into the service. In the integration, the customer is responsible for the costs of constructing the interface between Golli and their own system.GS1 Finland’s customer


1. Overview

Golli (hereinafter “the Service”) is a cloud service maintained by GS1 Finland Oy (hereinafter “the Service Provider”) based on open standards and interfaces. The Service is located in a cloud environment so that it can be contacted from anywhere through an Internet connection. Correspondingly, the standard interfaces of the Service are easily available from the cloud from anywhere.

The Service Provider is developing the Service to enable electronic information transfer between the purchaser of goods and the supplier customer in the initial phase from order placement to delivery and invoicing. The Service is developed in phases in co-operation with the customer, for which reason the Service Provider may request feedback from customers on their user experiences and proposals for the potential further development of the Service. The purpose of the Service is to guide service users to carry out efficient order and supply chain management including, for example order processing, collection and marking of ordered goods, transportation orders, delivery of goods and invoicing.

The Service provides customers a cost-efficient alternative for the processing of electronic orders and delivery of goods. The Service enables customers, for example to

  • receive and confirm EDI orders
  • collect goods and create deliveries
  • place transportation orders with a logistics operator
  • print standard container address labels with an SSCC code and print waybills
  • send recipients EDI delivery notifications containing a pre-notification of the delivery
  • send invoices to recipients
  • have better traceability of products in the supply chain 

This service description describes the rules and standards the Service is based on and the expectations towards customers.

The customer must enter into an agreement for the use of the Service with the Service Provider. The customer must comply with the agreement terms and conditions that are valid at the given time, and must make the payments to the Service Provider in accordance with the agreement.

The service description is kept up to date on the Service Provider’s website.

2. Joining the Service and the customer’s responsibilities

To be able to use the Service, during the entire agreement period the customer must meet the conditions described below, and is responsible for the items described below:

  1. The customer must be using a GS1 company prefix. The GS1 company prefix is a number series used for creating unique identifiers. The Service Provider, or the GS1 organisation of some other country, grants the GS1 company prefix.
  2. The customer must use GTIN codes when marking products.
  3. The Service Provider grants the company’s main user access rights to the Service, with the main user being responsible for company-specific user IDs and their maintenance. The customer may choose to maintain employee or work phase-specific user IDs.
  4. Parties are identified based on the GLN number or the OVT code.
  5. The customer is responsible for entering the basic product information into the Service. The Service Provider enters the product information for the customers of the Synkka product information bank. The entered information is not checked in the Service, so it is important that the customer carefully maintains all information the customer enters or produces.
  6. The customer is responsible for any damage and costs incurred due to incorrect product information.
  7. The customer must have a working internet connection, printers (including accessories) for printing container address labels and waybills, and the customer must have the appropriate terminal device(s) for using the Service. In addition, the customer is responsible for the required telecommunication connections, software necessary for using the Service, equipment and its maintenance, and any costs related to the aforementioned items.
  8. The customer uses the Service either through the web user interface, or through an integration between its own ERP system and the standard (message) interfaces of the service. No customer-specific adaptations or message transformations are implemented in the Service.
  9. Customers using an integration are responsible for testing the functioning of the integration via the Truugo service (or an equivalent service). The Service Provider makes the integration testing platform used at the given time available to the customer for a testing period of at most 30 days. In addition, the Service Provider offers the customer a maximum of 3 hours of integration support through its own system supplier. After this, the customer is responsible for all integration and testing activities related to the use of the Service, and for any additional costs and any errors in the Service caused by the said activities.

3. Customer’s rights

The customer has the right to use the Service in accordance with this service description and the Service’s terms of use.

The customer has the right to use the information concerning its own supply chains, for example retail chains goods have been delivered to, delivered goods and volumes, prices, transportation companies used and daily despatch unit volumes. The customer may disclose information created in the Service as required by authorities. The Service Provider informs the customer of any authorities to which the Service Provider discloses traceability data.

4. Service maintenance and development

The Service is mainly based on the GS1 standards. The Service Provider reserves the right to freely make changes to the standards used in the Service.
The Service Provider has the right to freely make changes to the Service (including the Service’s user interface, production and/or service environment and other features), and the Service Provider may choose to continuously develop new functionalities for the Service.

5. Service level

The Service is available to the customer around the clock seven days a week, according to the terms of use. The Service Provider’s objective is that from the service user perspective and during the service hours, the availability of the infrastructure is at least 95%, and the application level availability is at least 94%.
The service level is applied only to the Service. The Service Provider is not responsible for any problems in the telecommunication connections of the customer, retail chains or logistics operators, or any other connection problems or problems caused by the customer’s terminal devices, software, printers or other equipment.

6. Customer service

In all questions related to the Service, the primary contact point for the customer’s Golli main user is the Service Provider’s customer service: GS1 Customer Service assists the customer’s main users in all matters related to the Service on weekdays from 9:00 to 15:00 (EET).
The customer should contact its own equipment supplier regarding any problems or questions concerning printers, end devices or scanners. The contact for any questions or problems concerning internet access is the customer’s internet access provider.

7. Invoicing

For agreements that are valid until further notice, the invoicing period is always six (6) months. The fees for the period will be invoiced in advance.
The Service Provider invoices the customer according to invoicing periods twice a year, in January and July. If the customer becomes an integration, hybrid or online interface customer during the invoicing period, these months will be invoiced in connection with the following invoice.
The Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices applied to the Service. The Service Provider informs the customer of any price changes at least 14 days before any changes are applied.

8. Validity and changes

This service description is valid until further notice. Because the Service is a continuously developed service, the Service Provider retains the right to make changes to the service description. The Service Provider strives to provide an advance notification of any changes. The updated service description is published and made available on the Service’s website.

service will give you support in all phases of the implementation.

Before using the service

  • From which of your customers can you receive orders in Golli? Who should you notify of starting to use Golli?
  • Which mode of delivery do you use for transporting your products: do you ship them to the warehouse, to the terminal or directly to shops? Processing the order and the container address labels, for instance, are a little different depending on the mode of delivery.
  • Before the first order, it’s good to take some time to get to know the system and a few preparatory tasks (for instance, establishing the products in Golli).
  • Think how many people in your company will use Golli. Does your company have different users: processers, collectors, senders of orders? Do they need implementation training?
  • Make sure that you have a suitable printer available.

Service implementation

Once you have become our customer, we will deliver your login credentials to the service and you can gain access to the service. You will find Golli instructions through this link in their entirety. Our customer service will instruct you every step of the way.

In connection with the implementation, make sure with your customer that they can transfer the orders to Golli. Notify the arrival time of the first order to our customer service. We will agree upon the necessary implementation support together. Make sure before receiving the first order that the label printer has been installed correctly and the printing works.

In addition to the Golli service, GS1 Finland offers supplementary services to support your business. We also provide the Synkka service for transmitting your product information and images. Synkka enables the completely electronic transfer of product information and images directly to stores and consumers.